Our Time to Lead: Campaign Update

Hello, friends. I’m happy to give you a quick update on the Mizzou: Our Time to Lead campaign. CAFNR has raised $10.87 million towards our $13.2 million fiscal year goal (82% of goal) and $101.95 million towards our $120 million overall goal (85% of goal).

Also of note, Mizzou’s first-ever Giving Day March 15-16 was very successful because of you -- our wonderful alumni, donors and friends! Overall amount raised was $8,342,149, including four gifts of over $500,000. That’s very impressive!

CAFNR came in second in the dollars raised category at $1,814,413 (see general breakdown below) and will recieve $10,000 in matching, or bonus, funds. That amount will go to CAFNR's general scholarship fund to continue to attract stellar students to CAFNR. So, thank you for participating in this fundraising event. 

I would also like to take this opportunity, as an alumnus and the CAFNR Campaign Committee Chair, to acknowledge Dr. Marc Linit for his wonderful leadership during the last several months. He definitely provided continuity and very sound judgement at a crucial time. Thank you, Dr. Linit, for all you do for CAFNR and Mizzou!

All Scholarships: $1,506,030

Ag General Scholarships: $4,040

MU Ag 100: $765

Dean’s Unrestricted Fund: $4,470

Division Support: $25,398

Facilities support: $75,000

Have a wonderful summer!

Chuck Brazeale, BS Ag ‘57
Chair, CAFNR Campaign Committee

Steve Barr, BS Ag ‘72
Susan Barr, BS Ag ‘83
Keith Boyer, BS Ag ‘57
D. Scott Brown, MS Ag Econ ’91, PhD Ag Econ ;94
Travis Brown, BS Ag ’95, AB A&S ’95, MBA ’00 Wash U
Steven Burger, BS BA, BUS ‘84
Darryl Chatman, BS Ag ‘97, MS Ani Sci ’01, MS Ag Econ ’03, MPA ’07 NC State, JD ‘08
Roger Gardner, BS Ag ‘83
Diana Hallett, BA Zoology ’73, MS Nat Res ‘77
Bill Jackson, MS Ag ’67 Purdue
Richard Maltsbarger, BS Ag ’97, MS Ag Econ ‘99
Lowell Miller, Sr., BS Ag ’57. MS Biochem ’58, PhD Biochem ‘60
John Raines, BS Ag ‘88
Joe Roetheli, BS Ag ’70, MS Univ of FL, PhD Ag Econ ‘79
Bob Thompson, BS Ag ‘64
Alan Weber, BS Ag ’91, MS Ag Econ ‘93
Robin Wenneker, BS BUS ’91, MBA ’02 Wash U

Interested in becoming a Monticello Society Annual Member?

Annual Membership in the Monticello Society can be attained through annual gifts to CAFNR of $1,000 or more. You can support CAFNR in many ways, including gifts to honor Vice Chancellor and Dean Tom Payne. We honor our members at a brunch every spring and look forward to inviting new annual members to this fun-filled and informative event! For more information regarding the Monticello Society, please click here

Annual gifts of $2,500 qualify donors for membership in MU’s Columns Society.


What is Columns Society?

As the University of Missouri has forged ahead, the historic Columns on Francis Quadrangle have served as a reminder of our past and an inspiration for our future. With this in mind, the Columns Society recognizes donors who make it a priority to support MU year after year. Any individual or couple giving $2,500 or more to MU in a fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) automatically is eligible for membership. Alumni and friends 35 and under, as well as MU employees, are eligible with annual gifts of $1,500 or more.

The generosity of Columns Society members plays an essential role in ensuring MU’s continued success. Private giving allows Mizzou to:

  • Award scholarships to deserving students
  • Attract excellent teachers
  • Create opportunities to enhance the student experience

By giving back to MU each year, Columns Society members honor the university’s past, present, and future.

To learn more about Columns Society, please click here.